Meaning of Moony

(Artist and Source: Unfound - still searching for this) The name I use for my signature is Moony Thinker. However, usually, I sign all documents with Moony to make it easy. Moony Thinker plays into the reason for the name of this blog site: View from the Moon. The idea of viewing from the moon … Continue reading Meaning of Moony


A Different Life (Chp. 4 / Clear Sight *Conclusion*)

(Photo by Kerrie DeFelice on Unsplash) As daybreak rose, Responsibility and Guilt rushed into the sheep shelter to bark their orders for the sheep to rise to another new day of grazing. With many bleating cries and complaints of being tired, the white cloudy flock rose and moved as one towards the exit with the … Continue reading A Different Life (Chp. 4 / Clear Sight *Conclusion*)

A Different Life (Chp. 3 / Eyes Opened)

(Photo by Ramón Salinero on Unsplash) The track door pulled open and the morning glow rushed in. The golden light fell upon their faces waking each closed eye. Though without much time given to wake, Responsibility and Guilt ran into the sheep room barking commands for everyone to rise to the new day and begin … Continue reading A Different Life (Chp. 3 / Eyes Opened)

A Different Life (Chp. 2 / Eyes Opening)

(Photo by Javier Vílchez on Unsplash) A new day of grazing brought only the same conversations shared amongst the flock: the length of the grass, the taste of grass, and the present weather. Though encouraged by Life to keep trying to fit in with the flock, the lack of a variety and depth was developing … Continue reading A Different Life (Chp. 2 / Eyes Opening)

A Different Life (Chp. 1 / Eyes Closed)

(Photo by Nick van den Berg on Unsplash) Not all who are born a sheep must stay a sheep; you have other options. Be who you are meant to become; be Different. His eyes burst open as he pulled from the dream; his heart beating against the chest. Inhaling deep gulps of the cool night … Continue reading A Different Life (Chp. 1 / Eyes Closed)

Continuing Where We Left Off

(Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash) Sitting at the head chair of his dining room table, Dwight starred at the thin black keys of his Chromebook’s keyboard. A lead weight was resting against his chest, and with each exhale the weight pressed deeper. His throat constricted as the awareness of being motivated to write but unable to develop … Continue reading Continuing Where We Left Off

A Prisoner’s Paradise

(Photo by Ian Chen on Unsplash) My island: My home given by the Gods, I prepare for the next season; I have no control, I just live with each change. From the highest peak of Olympus The to steps of Hades' Throne, Here, my island, My prison-paradise, I am the lone explorer. Others have attempted to land upon … Continue reading A Prisoner’s Paradise

An Island of My Own

(Photo by Mario Azzi on Unsplash) Upon this island, This piece of land only for two feet, Protected at all fronts By the armies of an Empire, I take my independent stand. Alone. Without company; Loneliness will set in, but Alone and without company, Protected by the barbs of others, I welcome each morning and night. They, them … Continue reading An Island of My Own