Give Different this Year

(Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash)With the holidays and New Years events coming up, I figured it was needed to have another “Do this” advice writing from someone random you likely don’t know. 🙂 With all jokes aside (still… I would expect a few), I wanted to write about our focus on giving and ourselves. There are a … Continue reading Give Different this Year


Art is for Us all – Love and Create

(Photo by Daniele Salutari on Unsplash) I know that when we create our art we want more people to see it than usually happens. Likely, this even happens for the most profound artist (writers, sculptures, painters, singers, musicians, etc). Even many of us get upset because we feel that we are not valued enough for our art being … Continue reading Art is for Us all – Love and Create

Desire and Loyalty

Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash Between two rooms -     a bed in eachSeparated by a joining door. Upon each, one lays and     waits;One bed frequented more than the other. Even when the door is closed,     my mind thinks of the other -     my heart in agreement. Though here: with no chains, no guilt … Continue reading Desire and Loyalty

Evaluate and Respond

(Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash) 1 No! No! Out of my face - NO I SAID!2 Time to think about it, please? Consider my options.3 Yes, ok. I agree, I understand. When do we start?4 Eyes open, ears listening. All relaxed and ready.          1 Come, climb with me. Mountains are just tall hills.    … Continue reading Evaluate and Respond

A Pill Too Big

Photo by Lorenzo Colombo on Unsplash Here - Here! Take this   Take it.You are sick, very sick. Be quiet, I said be quiet.   We know what you need.Trust us, you can’t trust yourself. Here - Here! Take this   Take it - now! I say.You are sick, very sick. I see this all the time,   Your experience is not … Continue reading A Pill Too Big

Recent Progress Sharing and Question for Audience

(Photo by Jordan Sanchez on Unsplash) The Spectrum Door is my longest piece I have made yet. There is so much to complete it. It was supposed to be only a brief short writing piece, but so far it has fully developed in a work that is over 60.000 words long. While many book pieces are way more … Continue reading Recent Progress Sharing and Question for Audience


Photo by Zhen Hu on Unsplash From the peaks of Olympus to the depths of Hades, the Dragonfly searches for mosquitoes. Those demons with wings, aligned to neither God, neither kingdom. Only to the Throne of Loki. They search for unprotected earth beneath. The places that streams and births thoughts. To remodel the land from stability to chaos. … Continue reading Dragonfly

Within my Shelter

(Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash) Deep down, between each leg, released into the middle, latched upon the walls; secure. Home is given to this being. Nurtured, grown, and loved. Unseen from the world until cooked. Within my home, my reality Blood, soul, safety given - have it all. The three needed senses dulled; your future is known … Continue reading Within my Shelter

Spectrum Door Chp. 2 (Pt, 3)

(Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash)  Next to him, Larissa was bouncing and holding tight against her chest her backpack with all of the supplies jostling with each bounce. Her smile reached from ear to ear, and the top of her cheeks balled underneath her eyes looking like bright round cherries. Pressed shoulder to shoulder as the bus … Continue reading Spectrum Door Chp. 2 (Pt, 3)

Spectrum Door, Chp. 2 (Pt, 2)

(Photo by Ernanette Carolino on Unsplash) Placing a fist to each hip, she forced a smile as her eyes turned shadowy with her downcast view, “Daddy, don’t be so nervous. I am the one going to school. Now, let’s go.” His mind raced with the fears of being around new people, saying the wrong thing to her new … Continue reading Spectrum Door, Chp. 2 (Pt, 2)