Hogwarts Application Expansion

Desmond – Hogwarts Application – Biography Extended

Desmond’s father’s name is James Wright, and is of Pure Blood lineage while the Mother is of Muggle born with no natural magic skills of her own. The couple came together by the persistent courting of James who spoke words of love, care, and hope into Esther’s ears and heart. Being that Esther never new a life of income security or popular status in the community, she was pulled along easily by James. With his romantic promises so alluring, she fell straight into the fantasy that such a handsome and well-dressed man would take care of her and their family for the rest of their lives. Sadly, soon after showing, James was struck with panic at having to have actual responsibility and fled from their lives with no notice. While heart broken, Esther knew that their child still needed to be cared and loved, so she stuck to her responsibility of being a loving mother to her child and teach him how to never run from responsibility; especially when he too was to become a father.

James Wright is the second child of the Mystical Wright Family of Dublin, a heritage that was given incentive to move from their historical roots of England for Ireland fifty years prior. The mother’s name is Catherine Wright and the father is Wilson Wright. The family’s other son, Williamston Thistleroot Wright, is the eldest child by two years. While James was successful in courting and making a child with Esther, both of the men were deeply attracted to the striking woman. However, being that James was always the less bridled younger brother, Esther was taken in by the honeyed words James whispered to her. Even though pained by this rush in, Williamston always stayed around the edges of their affair and waited for an opportunity for him to pick up the pieces when James was finished having his spontaneous fun.

After Desmond was born and James had already faded from the scene, Williamston was going to make a sweeping appearance but decided, after seeing the fierce feminist strength of Esther, to only provide the slightest assistance. She was strong and a beautiful woman, and when she passed away Desmond was not the only person whose heart was crushed.

Though Desmond was without a guardian, Williamston made sure to guide the young man through life and careers, and helped lead Desmond to the door step of the bookstore Williamston owned. Giving Desmond general labor employment, Williamston was able to provide Desmond a place of security from vicious employers, safety with the supply of food and shelter, and an opportunity to gage Desmond’s natural magical skills, if had any. Though still never getting fully involved in Desmond’s life, Williamston made sure that while he stayed in boarding homes or allies that the places were warm, safe, and the floor felt more like a pillow than a flat slab.

With pride in his throat, Williamston, disguised as Charles McCloud, observed Desmond’s innate desire to learn from the select books that held magical recipes, identification of magic creatures, and other magical information such as regional magic community politics. Though clearly unable to read the information, Williamston made note that Desmond still learned through observing the pictures and parred the information with an imaginative learning.

While Desmond does not have any formal learning of magic, Williamston felt that for him to gain the fullness of his heritage he would need to be taught by the professional teachings of Hogwarts, which is where he attended as a child. Funding the entire trip to the school, the supplies Desmond would require, and toys he would need to be successful, Williamston, still under the name of Charles McCloud, secured the passage and requirements for Desmond to enter Hogwarts to begin his basic, formal, and advanced teaching of the magical world he was a part of but didn’t know – yet.


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