Hogwarts Application

Desmond – Hogwarts Application – Biography

Emotional, focused, and reliable, these are the traits that define Desmond Wright in his short few years of life. Though being the age of elven years, Desmond “Des” has been working usual hours per week since he was of age six. In his first five years, Des traveled with his mother, Esther Wright, around Ireland preforming custodial and maid jobs for businesses and wealthy families. With some lucky offerings, she would gain employment that offered them room and board, but the pay was usually lower. However, the small family was not always so fortunate, and at many points found housing in boarding houses sharing rooms with multiple families.

With the terrible economic conditions in Ireland in the 1930s, Des began helping his mother with work starting at age six. He would gain less than a quarter of her income per day of work with equal hours, but the extra income was helpful in providing them more purchasing power to survive.

His father is characterized by his mother as a man who provided silky words and glittering attractions but was all fluff. Soon after his mother started showing, his father faded from their lives. Born in a charity Catholic hospital, he was judged to have a likely troubled future since he was fatherless; as such, Des was given little attention from the nurses. Fortunately, he still had his mother to look after and treat him with kind love.

Learning from his mother the need to be honest, she taught more by example than the flipping of a hand or finger. While working an independent custodial job for a large office complex in Dublin, Des helped himself to money that he found unattended upon the desk of one of the offices he cleaned. Returning to their current boarding home, he presented the money to his mother with great cheer. Though, his enthusiasm was erased soon after presenting her with his triumph. While she appreciated his charming gift, she explained that being poor did not mean they would gain in life by being dishonest. The next day, they went to his stationed employment and presented the full amount back to the gentleman he stole from. While equally disappointed, the man did not press forward with any charges or harsh punishment. The next days of work, Des would feel the uncomfortable tinge of guilt every time he cleaned the office of the man while he watched Des preform his work.

A very powerful person in his life, Desmond tragically lost his mother a few months before his tenth birthday. Orphaned in Dublin, Desmond took heart in the morals that he was taught by his mother: be charming, strong, honest, hardworking, caring, and always do better. Having no other caretakers for him, Desmond moved to various homing locations frequently. Sometimes, the locations would be a dry space in the streets and allies of Dublin while other times, when he made enough, he would pay for a stay with others in a boarding house room.

A few months after his mother passed away, Desmond found labor and janitorial work for a local printing press business. Here, Desmond found the love of books. Though never fully taught how to read, Des could sense the great effort placed into each volume and he imagined to himself the potential of knowledge that would be found on each page. While clearing the dust from many of the books stored in the basement of the store, the senior owner, Charles McCloud, observed Desmond trying to read some of the words from a book on horticulture. Struggling to sound out the words to himself, Charles stepped in and assisted Desmond in learning to read and write. Being persistent, he rushed to learn every word and every book he could get his hands on

Unable to bring any books with him after work, he would read as much as possible when allowed a break for a few minutes; nearly always forgetting to eat too. Always gentle, he pulled each page over as if he was holding the fragile arms of a baby bird. Moving his mobile home location to the ally behind the bookstore, each night he dreamt about being surrounded by all the books and learning everything they offered.

To the bright excitement of Desmond, Charles presented to Desmond the privileged change to go to school. He was explained that it was in England and he would need to travel there on his own, but that a friend of Charles would take him to where he needed to go when he got to the docks in England. Never attending school before, Desmond was ecstatic by the possibility and was eager to begin when he could.

Packing nothing, he left for the docks of Dublin to be taken to the shores of England and start this new adventure with hope it would offer many opportunities to learn, study, and hopefully not clean toilets.


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