Mischief the Mouse

Mischief the Mouse

As he stared around the room with his nose, the hungry mouse was tempted from his security within the wall. Though innately a shy and insecure mouse, he found that his hunger could be a very persuasive. From behind the prized stove of the chef, Mischief made his home in the wall. As it always provided him warmth, he was lucky to find his home never without heat in the cold winters. Additionally, being so close to the stove he usually was not without a good supply of food too.

Peering out from his hole in the wall, Mischief look around the room in hopes of locating his archenemies – Fluffy! The overstuffed cat, with its pushed in face, was quite nimble for his size. Able to leap far and dash at quick speeds, Mischief has had to rely upon his small frame where he is able to find temporary sanctuary within spaces too small for Fluffy to reach or peruse.

In context, though, Fluffy was only a recent addition to the room; the Chef was handed the cat as a helper in the kitchen after Mischief was seen scurrying across the open floor picking up some chucks that feel from the heavens. After weaving in and out of the flat boards those giants stood upon, he was able to make it home with a mouth filled of pleasantries. Though, to his disappointment, soon the next day, the Fat Cat arrived.

Even though Mischief has tried diplomatic measures to resolving this conflict with the master of Fluffy, all negotiations have failed at the start of every meeting. Usually ending with large flat metal objects or sharp shinny sticks being thrown at his direction. To Mischief, the proposed resolution to this dispute was a simple one: allow for a small pile of food to be placed at the side of the stove and he will grab as needed without complaint. Additionally, throwing the fat beast out the window would be a positive improvement for all parties, Mischief felt confident.

As another night began to set across the now quiet kitchen, he prepared himself for another expedition out into the wild to forage for his hard earned wealth. Being that a life in the Kitchen is dangerous, he prepared his mind through mantras: ‘We will be prepared, we will outsmart the Fat Fluff, we will live another day…’ Heaving in a deep breath, he was ready to set out into the now battlegrounds.

As Mischief set out into the kitchen, he listened to the sounds of the embers fading within the fires, smelled the sweet fragrances of scraps that were missed from the earlier cleaning, and saw no Fluffy. Above, though, Fluffy watched and waited for the small rodent to make his way further into the kitchen and into more open opportunities…


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