Stringing for Others (KOE)

As he strung his lute in preparation for his next ballot, Thamos could hear the sounds of approaching voices in the distance down from the tavern. Though faint, he could pick up the jostling of multiple voices combining into a crowd of sounds. Resting his instrument upon the floor and table, he lifted himself to rise and peer out from Merf’s front door. The early afternoon sun shined gold upon the two to three story buildings that lined the wide cobble stone road. Looking out, he noticed that both Dezion and Gargarr had noticed the sounds coming from the distance as well. With a loud thud, Gargarr dropped all the bricks he was carrying to the ground without hesitation towards being gentle.

Being of newer attendance to the Kingdom, Dezion found the noise unique too but not as confusing as the face Gargarr gave. His eyes were wide, his limbs waved at this sides, and his burly feet carried each foot with a loud thump; the sounds seemed to have memorized Gargarr.

A large shadow crossed Gerf inside tavern, and looking up he could see the large figure of Gargarr crossing in front of the tavern; moving down the street towards the more central parts of the Kingdom. Unsure what had affected him, Gerf decided his business was to get this place cleaned up, ale back to capacity, and the rooms returned to a state of use for more than just the rats who had made homes in the not so fluffed beds. Though still a little bitter over the not finished construction, he leaned his thick frame against the front bar he shouted, “Aye, go where’d ya need be – but ya still need to fix me Tavern’s wall!” Though, Gargarr didn’t provide notice to Gerf or anyone else. With a smug grunt, Merf returned to the stoves in the kitchen where the pots danced from heat and steam.

With quick movement, Thamos pulled himself back away from Gargarr’s path knowing that his small frame would easy be pushed or crushed by the hypnotized steps of Gargarr. As he left the block, Dezion mentioned to Thamos, “Aye, seems we have some life back into this Kingdom my friend.” Noticing the processing of Thamos to the words of “my friend” from Dezion, he added, “Eh, no worries. You don’t need to be so hardened to me; at least this means for us, we will have more ‘friends’ for you to sing your ballots to and share stories. It seems, you will have a job after all, Thamos.”

With a tinge of bite to the words, Thamos pressed, “Yes, I will have my trade… and for you, Dez? Are you not similar with quick fingers but used only to find quickest path to coin?”

Shrugging his shoulders and rolling his eyes, Dezion didn’t deny nor did he accept any offer to the discussion. Lifting a brick to the thick mortar that lined across the previously laid brick’s tops he said, “We will see, my friend, but for now I have a debt to pay to your patron, Gerf, and my savior Gargarr. For now, I will be here with you, my friend Thamos, until this wall is rebuilt and that window is reset in… which, if Gargarr doesn’t return soon, it looks like those thin arms and legs of yours will be helping to set some bricks and this window.” With a flick of his shoulder, Dezion returned to his work and ignored Thamos as he labored further.

Just barely able to see the hulking frame of Gargarr down the street, Thamos strained to hear the sounds of the many voices that lead Gargarr away. Deciding that his job as a Bard was to entertain and support his patron’s establishment and not manual labor, he rushed into the tavern for his lute and set out in a stride to catch up to Gargarr. Together, he hoped, they would find a new group of people and invite the many to the great Merf’s Tavern establishment.


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